IPMS Awards

Soda can planes built from award winning soda can model plans. Limitless soda can model instructions without equal in the modeling world. We’ve accomplished all of that at Soda can Models. Why? Because competition is a necessary bar to measure yourself by. Competing exclusively in IPMS sanctioned events meant our soda can planes would be up against some stiff competition. Our soda can models would be up against real modelers, not Grandma’s Afghan. Our realistic soda can planes would be measured against modelers not casual crafters. And the fact that we walked away with FIVE Awards competing in in five years meant that we had accomplished something grand. It meant that we could say that we were FIVE TIME IPMS Award winners. But it also meant that we were the ONLY Soda can Modeling website to claim that distinction.

What does that say about what we do?

We believe it says that you are building with the best soda can modelers online. Our soda can planes have faced a trial by fire competing against the best modelers in the world. And at the end of the day, if you are looking to invest your time, energy and money into something, you want it to be worth the investment. We believe that by doing that here at Soda Can Models, you’ve done just that. You’ve come to the best because you are looking to be the best. And you can be. How, you ask? Firstly, you need to have a drive and passion for learning some new skills. Secondly, we believe that if you can cut, trace and fold, you have all the foundation you need. All that’s left is investing some, energy and research to learn just how we do it. And then you too can be counted as one of the best soda can modelers around. In conclusion, we do things a bit differently than the rest. But our FIVE IPMS awards tell us there’s nothing wrong with being a little different!

Here is the list of our awards:

1st Place for the Ilyushin il-86 Airliner.

2nd Place for the F-15 Eagle with detailed cockpit.

3rd Place for the 48 inch long Antonov AN-225.

3rd Place for the 44 inch long F-15 Eagle Aggressor

Mildred Terbush Memorial award Best of Show 2013

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