3D printed F-4 Phantom nose cones


PRICE INCLUDES FLAT RATE USPS SHIPPING ANYWHERE IN THE CONTINENTAL US. You will receive BOTH nose cones pictured. Items are custom printed at time of order and shipped via USPS First Class Mail. PLEASE NOTE ALL PLANS FILES ARE DIGITAL DELIVERY DOWNLOADS and are NOT shipped. ALL plans files are instantly available after checkout via email or by logging into the Soda Can Models My Accounts page and clicking on the Download tab regardless of whether or not you purchase 3D printed parts separately or at the same time.

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3D printed F-4 Phantom nose cone exclusively for use with our Soda can airplane template F-4 Phantom Plans and our newly released Soda Can F-4 Phantom plans for 3D printed nose cone. Printed from standard Overture PLA Filament in our workshop. Comes in a set of 2 cones, the larger of which is 4.8cm long while the smaller is 3.5cm. Cones MUST be used with the plans specified or they will NOT WORK. Parts are matte white and ready to paint with most acrylic paints. This is a great piece to customize your Soda Can model F-4 Phantom II as seen in our build tutorial in YouTube here: F-4 Phantom II tutorial build video.

3d printed soda can F-4 Phantom nose cone

Custom 3D printed accessories such as the 3D printed F-4 Phantom nose cone, can enhance your soda can models. They will your soda can airplanes pop and take them to a whole new level. We print on order, size to our plans, and ship in a first class bubble envelope once printed via USPS. PLEASE NOTE all plans files will be delivered INSTANTLY via DIGITAL DELIVERY PDF file. You can review the plans and watch our YouTube tutorial videos while you wait for the part to be delivered!

Why Custom Printed 3D parts like the 3D printed F-4 Phantom nose cone?

In short, some models require hard to make nose cones, propellers, spinners and even bridge pieces. And in our experience, 3D printed parts can make your can art look better than if made out of cans. While there is nothing wrong with building your own parts, this is simply a new option. If you are new to the art or are looking to produce more realistic models, then these parts might be for you. It is a viable option due to the accessibility of 3D printers.

3D printed nose cones, propellers & spinners, and other parts such as the 3D printed F-4 Phantom nose cone, will be sized to the templates used to build the model and included in our plans file. You may require a PDF editor to size template parts if your printer prints slightly smaller. Using an editor such as Foxit PDF Editor or Ashampoo PDF Pro 2 should make the process relatively simple! If you run into issues with sizing, just reach out to one of our sales staff at constructiontips@sodacanmodels.com and they will be happy to help!

3D printed F-4 Phantom nose cones


Soda Can Models

Stunningly Realistic soda can airplane plans and soda can car templates. Amazing Pop can airplane patterns & soda can car instructions. The best how to of soda can airplanes. If you’re looking to build the BEST soda can airplane, you know its made by Soda Can Models.
Soda Can Models
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