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Decorated pop can airplane instructions and Coke plane resource. DIY pop can airplane patterns and airplanes made from Coke cans. The best online resource for making soda can models and more. We teach you how to do all this and more with 21st century techniques. Cut, trace and fold with our pop can airplane instructions. Create amazing Coke planes made from Coke cans. Watch DIY pop can airplane pattern tutorials and see how to make your soda can models fly. Check out YouTube build videos and learn how to build a soda can model step by step. These are the most realistic pop can airplane instructions online and the ones that took it to the NEXT level. Welcome to the home of 21st Century pop can airplane instructions and pop can airplane patterns!

pop can airplane instructions Su-30MKI

Soda Can SU-30MKI tutorial Available NOW!

pop can airplane instructions from Soda Can Models

pop can airplane instructions A-10 Thunderbolt

Firstly, use these videos to see how we build these models, then head over to the shop and purchase one of your own. Secondly, if you need help, head over to our Tutorials page or use these videos from our YouTube channel for guidance! Thirdly, if you get stuck somewhere along the way, email one of our Beta builders at and someone who has actually built these kits will be happy to help. These are the models that have been featured in Television, Film, Modeling & Star wars Magazines. In conclusion, these are the airplanes that took it to the next level! You’ll be AMAZED at what YOU can do with your favorite Cans.

Below you will find YouTube tutorials that you can easily use to follow along while build your own soda can models. The process is straight forward. Just check our list of tutorial videos, then find the accompanying plans from the shop, then get ready to build! Just gather your tools, and your clean, undented soda cans and you’re Ready to go! You can watch the videos here or go to our YouTube channel to see them ALL! With our pop can airplane instructions, you can’t go wrong!

Soda Can Airplane Tutorials

Soda Can Car Tutorials

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