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Step by step build your own airplane plans are available in PDF format including pictures and templates. We will email the plans to your email address in PDF format within 24 hours of notification of purchase. Please make sure your spam filter is set to accept this email. Each plan file is approximately 10 megabytes in size so please make sure your email box is able to accept such a large file and is not full.

F-35 Lightning II JSF


Deluxe P-51B Mustang $9.96
Boeing B-29 Super Fortress


A-10 Warthog


P-51D Mustang $7.96
F-15 Eagle $7.96
World War II Set

$14.96 for set

Messerschmitt BF109G

World War I Set Build your own Red Baron tri-plane

$14.96 for set
Korean Air War Set $14.96 for set
Deluxe Mig F15 BIS $9.96
Deluxe F-86 Sabre Deluxe F-86 Sabre plans by Front deluxe F86 by Left side of deluxe F86 Sabre by $9.96
C-130 Hercules CGees Designs C130 plans CGees Designs C-130a $7.96
F-117 Nighthawk CGees Designs for F117 Nighthawk CGees Designs for F117 Nighthawk CGees Designs for F117 Nighthawk $7.96
F-18 Hornet F18 hornet CGees Designs F18 right CGees F18 Hornets $7.96
SR-71 Blackbird SR71 blackbird building plans SR71 blackbird SR-71 blackbird front $7.96
Fokker DR1 Tri-plane Build your own Red Baron tri-plane Re Baron tri-plane side view Back view of Red Baron tri-plane $7.96
Harrier Jump Jet Plans Harrier plans for sale harrier jump jet aluminum harrier jump jet soda cans $7.96
F-86 Sabre f-86 soda can plans for sale f86 sabre soda can model f86 aluminum airplane $7.96


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